O R I G I N A L 

_Original – WORK ON PAPER are works executed with acrylic paint on selected fine paper sheets. The formats are 30×40 – 40×50 – and 50×70 cm. The works are presented with the ideal type of frame for the composition.


P R  I N T S 

_The PRINTS – Limited Edition works are the digital processing of original or directly digitally designed works. The available format is 50×70 cm with a print run of 100 pieces.


S P E C I A L  E D I T I O N 


_SPECIAL EDITIONS – PRINTS are very limited edition works  of 25 pieces. They are exclusive graphic compositions. 


S H I P P I N G 

_ Shipping included for the whole of Europe

_ All shipments are tracked

_ For international shipments please write to info@eblancoart.com

_ Shipping time for Original works within 5-7 . depends on the day of purchase.

_ Shipping time for Original works within 5-10 . depends on the day of purchase.


R E T U R N S 

_ We do not accept returns for original works or limited edition prints.

Please think carefully before purchasing.

_If, in any case, your order is damaged during shipment, please send an e-mail to info@eblancoart.com with a photo of the damaged item as soon as you receive it and I will send it back or refund it.


P A P E R  U S E D 

x Original _su foglio

_ The Paper of Original is made of high quality lignin free cellulose. It is acid free and archival. The internal and external sizing makes the paper very absorbent. It’s cold press surface is obtained thanks to special felt making the paper ideal for acrylic. (400 g/m²)


x Prints –  Limited Edition

_The Paper of Printsl is a Photographic paper with a deep matte, velvety surface with no glare.


x Special edition Prints –   Limited Edition

_The Paper of Special edition Prints is 100 Cotton, Fine, soft surface. White and Matte. (308 g/m²)


C O L O R  S    U S E D 

x Original _Works on Paper

_ The colors used are mainly acrylic.


C O M M I S S I O N E D   W O R K S 

_ send an  E-Mail a  info@eblancoart.com


F O R     Q U E T I O N S

_ send an  E-Mail a  info@eblancoart.com